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Registration Aid

International students are required to go through the registration procedures within the period designated in the Admission Notice. Late registration is subjected to an overdue fine provided by school rules. Any delay in excess of 10 working days will result in cancellation of admission. If students indeed can not register on time for special reasons, a formal written request is needed at least one week before registration date. In the request letter, students should clarify the reasons for being late and the date they will come to register. Students can put off their registration after having got the agreement from school.

  • Present Passport, Admission Notice, JW201 or JW202 Form (the government scholarship students use JW201 Form), receipts or bank’s remittance bill (or slip) for the application fee and the advanced payment of the tuition.

  • Buy insurance

  • Pay tuition of one semester or one year once and for all

  • Do Visa or Residence Permit; Students who live outside the campus should present Temporary Residence Certificate

  • Students who hold X-visas should apply for their Residence Permit at the local Public Security Bureau within 30 days after they enter into China

  • In the first week of each semester, students may have an orientation or a placement test

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