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With a view to promoting the internationalization of higher education in UIBE, attracting more excellent international students to come and study, improving the quality of student sources, encouraging students’ enthusiasm to study, and exalting the spirit of progressing, the present regulations are formulated to reward the outstanding as examples to guide the international students to form good style and features for both studies and spirits.

Application Conditions and Categories

The UIBE scholarships are awarded to international students enrolled in the Bachelor and Master programs offered in Chinese who have shown excellence in Entrance Examinations, HSK scores and specialty. Prize is for half or full tuition of the first academic year study.

Prize Majors

For all the Bachelor and Master programs offered in Chinese.

Application date

Every October 1st to November 15th

Process of Appraisal

1. Applicants will hand in an application in written form to related schools with the copy of related certificates.

2. Each school will hold an initial appraisal of the applicants and then send the list of candidates to the School of International Education;

3. The appraisal committee shall give an objective and impartial evaluation and examination, then bring up the name list of the awarded;

4. The committee will announce the name list of the awarded publicly and decide an objection date. Anyone who has objection about the name list should propose to the committee before the deadline;

5. The committee will hand in the awarded name list to the President’s office after the objection date, and the name list shall be effective with the President’s approval.

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