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University of International Business and Economics set up "Laboratory for College Students' Employment and Business"


To improve college students' employmentcompetitiveness in full range and expand the depth of service in employment, University of International Business and Economics set up the "Laboratory for College Students' Employment and Business", by taking it as the entrypoint, the university provided students with a simulation platform where thestudents could experience by trial and error, which took "simulation" as themain means and was according to the students' employment needs. In this summerholiday, many students of this university made use of the holiday time toparticipate actively in the activities of this laboratory.

As the distinctive project in college students' employment of Beijing area, the "Laboratory for College Students' Employmentand Business" included three parts--"practical platform foremployment simulation", "simulation system for micro interview" and "simulation platform for occupation career". Until this year's June, in the "practical platform for business simulation ", therewere more than 400 training students. The number of career-startupteams for students increasedfrom 44 in 2012 to 107 in 2013, many of which had  incorporated company and successfullyoperated for more than a year. This platform provided many modules from the registrationof the enterprises to the operation, provided the students with the businesssimulation environment with zero-cost and zero-risk, focused on the cultivationof students' innovation consciousness, market sensitivity and entrepreneurspirit by the "coach-mode" teaching and the students' "experience-mode" learning; "Simulation system for micro interview" used the modernaudio-visual equipment to simulate the real interview in the laboratory equippedwith camera and video system, guided the teachers and students to watch thevideo together, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the simulatedinterviews, did the targeted training to enable the students to master thecorrect skills of interview; "simulation platform for occupation career" used role-playing as the main way, found the students' unique character andthinking characteristics through the evaluation, let them complete different simulatedoccupation tasks after matching the corresponding career path with them to letthem experience multiple career path.

"Laboratory for College Students' Employmentand Business" had been widely welcomed as it provided students with asimulated business environment, helped students master interview skills and experiencemultiple career path through the way of role-playing, improve the graduates' ability to get a job and start a business.

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