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Bachelor’s Degree Programs



  • International Trade

  • Logistics Management

  • Finance

  • Finance (International Finance and Investment)

  • Business Administration

  • Marketing

  • International Relations

More majors will be offered as enrollment expands such as Accounting and East Asian Studies (jointly offered with Nagoya University and Soongsil University)

Basic application requirements

  • High school graduation; Good health; Over age of 18; Corresponding language proficiency

  • For applicant who is under 18, the required documents shall be provided after getting the permit of the University (Detail information please refers to the Admissions Office, SIE).

Application period: April 1-June 30

Application documents

(Documents must be prepared in either Chinese or English. UIBE will not return the application materials to candidates regardless of acceptance or not.)  

  • UIBE Application Form (Apply online)

  • A copy of highest graduation certificate and transcripts

  • A copy of guarantor’s passport or ID

  • A copy of passport or other identification

  • A copy of TOEFL 86 above or IELTS 6.0 above (If high school courses are taught in English, please submit the official letter about the applicant’s English proficiency).

For those who apply for IUP, SIE Admissions Office verifies the application materials which the applicant provides, passes the materials to the related college to carry on the qualifications and admission, there is no unified entrance examination.

Application fee: RMB 660

Advance payment: RMB 10000 (Advance payment should be paid after the confirmation of enrollment, will be counted into the total tuition fee and is not refundable after the registration of the semester.)

Tuition: RMB 49750/academic year

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